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Neck pain relief and yoga practice

A paper in the Journal Pain suggests that, “yoga led to superior pain relief and functional improvements and might be a useful treatment option for chronic neck pain.” The findings came from a randomized controlled trial on the clinical effects of a 9-week yoga programme or self-care exercise in patients with chronic neck pain.

Researchers from the Charité-University Medical Center, in Berlin, Germany, investigated the benefits of Iyengar yoga in chronic neck pain with seventy-seven patients (average age 48 ± 8 years, 67 female). The primary outcome measure was change of mean pain at rest (VAS) from baseline to week 10. Secondary outcomes included pain at motion, functional disability, quality of life (QOL), and psychological outcomes, the team reports.

“Significant treatment effects of yoga were also found for pain-related apprehension, disability, QOL, and psychological outcomes,” the researchers say.

SOURCE: J Pain, 2012, Nov, vol 13, 1122-1130